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Obtaining Technical Support

Infinitely Virtual offers all of its customers US based technical support. We use a technical support case management system to ensure that every support request is handled in a timely manner. You and your users may access support by phone, email or by web portal.

Accessing support by web portal by technical contact
When purchasing your plan, you selected a technical contact for your account. This user may at any time log a case by simply logging into our Customer Portal. Once logged, proceed to the Case Portal tab and click the New Case button. Within the Customer Case Portal, you may create new technical support tickets, enter comments and view emails exchanged with the assigned tech. This is a very useful tool to ensure that you remain engaged with your case's assigned engineer.

Creating a support case by email
Any user may create a support case by simply emailing support@infinitelyvirtual.com. The email immediately generates a case, and an engineer is immediately assigned. You may check the status of your case by logging into the web portal or by replying to any case emails.

Contacting support by phone
You may contact support any time by calling (866) 257-8455 and selecting support. You will be connected to an agent who will collect information from you about your support question. Once the case has been generated, you will be contacted by a technical support engineer. You may check the status of your case by logging into the web portal or by calling the support by phone.

Contacting support by our User Support Portal
For our Support Premier and Support Premier+ customers, we offer a portal that may be used by all of the users in your organization. This web portal enables your individual users to create technical support cases and interact with the assigned engineer without requiring access to the Customer Portal. If you have a multi-user plan with our Support Standard, and you would like access to this system, open a technical support case. We would be happy to enable this feature for your users. To access this portal, simply navigate to www.infinitelyvirtual.com/userportal.html.